Juma Amazon Lodge - An exciting experience awaits you in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest
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Welcome to Juma Amazon Lodge

A jungle lodge totally integrated with the Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Jungle Juma Amazon Lodge - Juma Amazon Lodge

Located three hours away from Manaus by boat (or 30 minutes by hydroplane), the trip to the lodge is a spectacular tour by itself. Juma´s region is remote and relatively untouched.

The Juma Amazon Lodge is a small and comfortable hotel designed to be totally integrated to the Amazon Jungle. The construction and operation of the lodge comply with and respect the limitations of the environment, which is the very reason for the hotel to exist.

Adventure in the heart of the jungle

Juma Amazon Lodge's goal is to offer a real and unique experience in the untouched Amazon Rainforest. All trips are organized in small groups; guests can take part on many activities around the lodge, each one is designed to help explore and learn about this unique place.

Amazon Hotel Accommodations

Inside the jungle lodge

20 bungalows with beautiful views of the forest and the Juma Lake.

Amazon Ecotourism Activities

Take a look at our activities

Jungle hikes, alligator spotting, fishing and canoeing are some of
our ecotourism activities.