10 things that are going to cross your mind when you travel to the Amazon Rainforest

After checking out these pictures, chances are you are going to agree with us. If you feel like seeing all these places for yourself, visit: www.jumalodge.com

Traffic jam, polution? These things seem so far way…

brazilian amazon river

Gourmet balcony? I would change the best barbecue grill in the whole world for having a view like this.

amazon rainforest bungalow

Wait a minute, is this photo from the sunrise or the sunset? Actually, it doesn’t matter! The amazonian sky is beautiful at all times.

sunrise in the amazon

The first thing I’ll be doing when I return home is buying a hammock!

hammock in the amazon rainforest

I know I can’t take these little fellows with me back to my house, but they are so cute and smart! (Before you notice you’ll be talking to them as they were your best friends.)

monkeys in the amazon rainforestWho said tree houses are for kids?! Well, you’ll feel as excited as a child when you arrive to your room. For real, your house never looked so boring before.

amazonian bungalow

Yep! I’ll better start on a new diet next monday. But today I’m just going to enjoy this incredible breakfast.

breakfast in the amazon

Not even the most required top model has ever walked down a runway as inspirational as this one.

amazon rainforest hotel

“Should I stay or should I go?” Stay in bed or enjoy the outdoors? This bungalow is so cozy and well structured that at least once this thought will come to you.


And with a starry night sky as this one you’ll won’t speak anything, you’ll just want to appreciate every minute of this unforgettable moment.

amazonian sky

These great photos are from Ita and Bala, a nice couple that have visited Juma last month. If you want to see more, visit their website: http://bit.ly/2bj3RSS

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