2017 News from Juma Lodge

We started off this year working really hard to present to you 3 new ambiences! Now, Juma Lodge offers three more locations to make the whole Amazon experience even bigger! Our desire and main goal was always about making the best we can to provide beautiful and meaningful experiences for all our visitors. We hope that from this point on, you’ll enjoy yourselves and learn about the rainforest even more.

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Juma’s river pool was thought to be as authentic as possible, allowing full interaction with the river. Around it, it is possible to sunbathe and enjoy a small bar.

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We opened a museum to offer our guests more content and information about the Amazon Rainforest: its fauna, flora, customs, legends, among others.

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“Tapiri” is an indigenous name for a hut. Although inside our property, it is located 10 minutes away from the hotel itself, serving as a base for tours, lunches and even overnight stays in the forest.

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