7 selfies to convince you that the Amazon Rainforest is the place you want to be!

In the blog post of today you won’t be doing much reading, but we are certain you will find these photographes pretty charming!

We are honored to present you the best 7 selfies taken in the Amazon Rainforest! After seeing these selfies we bet you are going take your own.

sloth in the amazon rainforest

This nice fellow looks like he’s having a good time!

selfie 2

This one looks a bit shy, maybe he has just woken up.

selfie 3

Maybe this is his better side, better not ask questions!

selfie 4

Nothing to say because we are hiptonized by this curious eye!

selfie 5 This nose is just PERFECTION!

selfie 6

We believe we have a top model here.

selfie 7Even when having breakfast this one is sitill quite photogenic!

Did you think it was over?! We have a bonus for you! If you thought that you had to be a professional photographer to take pictures like the ones above, we now show you 3 funny pictures that have been taken by our guests! Which one is your favorite?

@lenepene82 (1)

@lenepene82 (2)


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