Four reasons to go to the Brazilian Amazon between September and February

Between September and February, the water level from the amazonian rivers drops a lot because of the dry season. During these months pratically doesn’t rain at all which offers the tourists a completely different view and experience in the Amazon Rainforest. To make the most of this scenario, Juma Lodge is the best choice as it’s nestled in the heart of the forest and has great tour options to satisfy and overcome the most adventurous expectations.

Small river beaches appear during this time of the year. To get to them, the guests take boat rides while enjoy the clear and sunny sky during the day and the most starry sky at night. Also at night, guests are welcome to join an expedition along the river to do some cayman spotting, an activity that is privileged druring the dry season.

during the dry season

If the guest plans to fish in the amazonian rivers, the low rainfall period is also the best choice. There are more dry spots along the river benches for this practice. If the fisherman is experienced, he or she might be able to take a look at different amazonian fish such as pirarucu, tucunaré, pirapitinga and aruanãs. Just be aware that you must always return the fish safely to the water.

This yearly period with sparser precipitation is also a great moment to contemplate the blossom of the trees like munguba, angelim and the sumaúma, the giant from the Amazonia, this tree can reach up to 40 meters high and our local guides take the guests to see it.

Another possibility during the the dry season is the chance to watch or even participate in a soccer game that takes place in the riverside communities.

dry season in the amazon rainforest

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