Juma Lodge in the Top Five Destinations to disconnect and relax

Are you familiar with the travel site Booking.com? Well, it’s one of the biggest, most complete  and respected travel sites in the World. And why are we telling you this? Because Booking.com has selected Juma Lodge as one of the top five destinations to disconnect and relax.

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But we know that only Booking.com’s opinion is not good enough for you! So, we have decided to search and post below comments from our real guests. Take a look on how they feel about their experiences here at Juma. All of the reports below were taken from TripAdvisor’s website.

“wonderful place to experience the amazonian lifestyle”

After spending two nights here, we regretted having already spent two nights on a boat cruise and not more at juma, as this was a much more authentic experience.

GET RALF AS YOUR TOUR GUIDE, if you can. he’s the only one who was born and raised in the amazon, one of only 3 amazonians in the area who speaks english. we learned a ton about the amazonian lifestyle just from talking to ralf on the boat, at meals, etc. (Wuami).

“Truly Unique Experience in the Heart of the Amazon” 

I looked far and wide for the right lodging for our stay in the Amazon. I didn’t want a commercial hotel, I really wanted to experience the wonders of the Amazon without a crowd, while still having the basics like hot water and a roof over my head. Juma fit the bill and beyond. Your adventure starts as soon as you leave Manaus (they also offer a complimentary ride to your Manaus hotel if you arrive the night before). It takes two buses and two boats to get the Juma and there’s so much to soak in along the way. When you do arrive, you realize just how remote this lodge is. I was thrilled to have a monkey jump on my lap as soon as we sat down with our guide to go through the itinerary. In addition, there is a parrot and various other wild animals that will greet you while there (I didn’t see a snake but heard they visit the lodge from time to time). The lodging is basic but clean and comfortable and the views are magnificent. They also offer a good variety of activities and provide knowledgable and friendly guides (shout out to Herman!) We liked the food and thought they did a nice job introducing variety to the meals. (AGlobeTrotter99)

“Great Lodge”

We spent 2 nights at the Juma Amazon Lodge and loved it. We had our own little caseta on legs right on the river. The lodge is quite big and was busy during our stay but it was easy to feel remote especially when we were taken out to the rainforest. (Happytrav66)

“Amazing stay in the middle of nowhere”

We spent 5 nights at Juma Lodge, after having selected it for its “natural” aspect but still with comfort, and after having read a lot of good reviews. The lodge greatly exceeded our expectations.

First of all, transfers are very well organised from Manaus, which is where our transfer departed from. Someone from Juma picked us at the hotel, drove us to the peer. From the peer we had to take a boat, also only for clients from Juma (and we were just the two of us, luckily :). You stop in the middle of the river to see the water of Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes joining. Then you transfer two more times:)! So the trip to get there might seem long (approx. Half a day) but you really discover nature, it was awesome!

The lodge itself is very pure and natural, made of wood but still very safe and of good quality. We had a great time drinking Caipirinhas at the bar :)

The room was really clean and comfortable, of course you should not expect the luxury room of a major resort. It was exactly what you could dream of as perfect in the Amazon. All rooms are separated with enough distance, you have the feeling of being alone in the trees!

We went there in November which was the low-water season, so the rooms are really high in the trees. Depending on the season your room can also be very close to water (water changes up to 16 m during the year!)

We had a great time discovering nature, animals and fishing with our 2 guides. The Lodge offers organised excursions either in the morning and/or afternoon and/or whole day depending on your package.

The highlight was the jungle tour, but also the Caïman spotting and the sunrise thanks to our great guide Isaac :)

Beautiful sunrises and sunsets in this peaceful place makes you feel like you are in another world.

We had a very relaxing time there as with nature, waking up and going to bed with the sun.

Food was excellent, we were a bit worried to have stomach problems but they pay a lot of attention to baking everything and use clean purified water. They put a lot effort in dishes and in making you discover local and fresh food (fruits, fish, manioc etc).

I literally fell in love with a little monkey which was around everyday, her name was Bella and she was a baby wooly monkey. You can see her on the pictures :)

I’d love to have news of her, she was just so cute.

You’ll see a few monkeys around the lodge and coming on your shoulders, that’s much fun!

In sum: awesome experience, we would go back tomorrow if we could. (Delphine G)

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