Juma Lodge – River pool in the Amazon Rainforest

A couple of weeks before, we announced 3 new spaces our guests could now enjoy at Juma Lodge. Today, we would like to talk a little bit more about the river pool, definitely the one everyone loved the most.

river pool

A natural river pool in the middle of the Amazon’s nature is the brand new acquisition of Juma Lodge. This floating deck, built in Juma’s river invites our guests to take a moment to appreciate the unique view of the forest.

The pool measures about 26 feet by 16 feet, and it’s 8 feet deep. It’s made of galvanized steel screen, which allows the passage of water but not of fish or alligators. The opening of this new space at our hotel happened last month with the beginning of the wet season (between march and august) when the Amazon Rainforest changes to a different landscape.

piscina de rio 2

piscina de rio 3

piscina de rio 4

piscina de rio 5

piscina de rio 6

piscina de rio 8

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