Seeing the Amazon Rainforest through Instagram

Use Instagram to see more from the Amazon Rainforest

International travelers love to post their adventures on Instagram, our guests share their beautiful pictures taken during their stay at Juma Lodge and we sure love them! Instagram has always been a big inspiration to us and today we want to talk about how you can use this social network to search and learn much more about the Amazon Rainforest and gather information you need to finally book a trip to this unique place on Earth!

Portal Amazônia

We suggest you follow Portal da Amazônia on Instagram because it is a really complete account. It talks about everything that is happening in the Amazon Rainforest and posts a lot of great photos from tourists that use the hashtag #minhaamazonia. It’s good for you to learn more about the the culture and the climate of the region. This account shows that the Amazon is much more than only the jungle. You can enjoy music, learn about special dates, and even understand a bit better about the social and economics picture there.

amazon rainforest

instagram amazon rainforest

instagram portal da amazoniaPhotos taken from the Instagram of Portal Amazônia

You can also search for: #Amazônia, #AmazonRainforest and #AmazôniaBrasileira for example or even use the location: Amazônia

Juma Amazon Lodge

Well, if you don’t know it yet, we also have an Instagram account where we publish beautiful pictures not only from our charming and sustainable hotel, but also from the nature, sights and pictures our guests have shared with us using the hashtags #JumaLodge and #JumaAmazonLodge. You can feel inspired by the view and learn more about this ecosystem and all the ecotourism activities you can take while being sustainable and conscious about the jungle. :)

instagram fotos amazônia instagram fotos amazônia
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