Juma Amazon Lodge is located in a remote and untouched region 100 km (62 miles) southeast of Manaus. It can be reached in approximately three hours by vans and boats (during the trip we pass through the Meeting of the Waters and, on the way back, also by the Pirarucu Floating Dock). The trip can be made by hydroplane (30 minutes) upon request.


Our proximity to the Equator (we are at latitude 03ºS) ensures year-round warm weather at the lodge, with an average annual temperature of 27ºC (80ºF). While the Amazon region is great to visit anytime of year, it is home to two distinct seasons:

  • FLOOD SEASON occurs from March to August, when the water level rises to 15 meters (49 ft). This is the ideal moment to see the lush, flooded lands, known as igapó, in all of their glory.
  • DRY SEASON occurs from September to February when the level of the rivers reaches its lowest point, crowding the fish together and making them easier to catch for both animal predators and fishermen. You are also more likely to spot caymans.



  • Step 1 (45 minutes): Guests board a high-speed motor boat from Ceasa Harbor in Manaus en route to Careiro Village. During this stretch, the boat passes through the Meeting of the Waters (on the return voyage, the boat will instead travel through the Pirarucu Floating Dock).
  • Step 2 (1 hour): From Careiro Village, guests are then transported in a chartered van toward Maçarico River via BR 319, the main state road.
  • Step 3 (1 hour): From Maçarico River, guests board another high-speed motor boat en route to their final destination, Juma Amazon Lodge. On this last leg of the voyage, guests will enjoy their first glimpse of deep Amazon forest, passing through furos (passages through the flooded lands) and igarapés (streams).


Seaplane Tours, a specialized chartered company, offers a 30-minute flight with transfer service to and/or from Juma Amazon Lodge. This optional service can be booked either on your way to Juma (departing from the port of the Tropical Hotel in Manaus) or on your return (leaving from the Juma River just in front of the lodge) and provide passengers with a unique aerial view from which to appreciate the natural splendor of the Amazon Rainforest.