JAÇANÃ (1 night)

Day 1 - Departure toward Juma begins early in the morning, with guests being picked up between 6:30 and 7:30am at their Manaus hotel or at the airport. The journey to Juma takes a total of three hours divided into three parts: speed boat, van and speed boat again. En route to Juma, we stop to observe the magnificent Meeting of the Waters, where the muddy waters of the Solimões River meet the black waters of the Negro River. At this crucial junction point, the two rivers, without actually mixing, run side by side, thus forming the great Amazon River. Passengers will feel the difference in temperature between the two distinct rivers. Upon arrival at Juma Amazon Lodge, enjoy a warm greeting where a welcome drink with exotic fruits awaits you. You’ll then have your first lunch at the lodge, comprised of both regional and international cuisine. Following lunch, we will depart for a canoe trip. Our canoeing tour provides an in depth exploration of the igarapés (Amazonian creeks) and the igapós (flooded forest), an experience made possible only by paddle canoes. During the excursion, you’ll be encouraged to swim and may encounter some of the river’s most majestic creatures: pink dolphins. Return to the lodge for dinner. Later, we’ll embark on an evening expedition to observe frogs, birds and most importantly, caymans. Our guide uses his flashlight to help spot caymans. With this light, we can see the cayman’s eyes, which reflects a bright red dot, as the animal remains paralyzed and clearly visible. The guide is then able to bring the cayman aboard for participants to see. Afterward, the cayman is returned to the river, unharmed.

Day 2 - Early in the morning we will depart for a sunrise excursion witnessing the transformation of the sky and listening to the sounds of the waking birds. Our guides are equipped with binoculars to complement this experience with bird watching. Enjoy a breakfast with typical fruits and regional food. On the way back to Manaus, we will stop at the Pirarucu Floating Dock to see the giant Pirarucu fish (also known as Arapaima), reaching 3 meters high (9,8 ft) and 200 kg (440 lbs)! From the Floating Dock you can feed the fish and observe their impressive strength. From there you will return to Manaus, arriving around 12:00pm. You will be dropped off either at the airport or your Manaus hotel.


» Day 1

07:30am -  Departure from Manaus (with pick up either at airport or Manaus hotel). En route to the lodge we will visit the Meeting of the Waters.
11:00am -  Arrival at Juma Amazon Lodge and greeting & reception with welcome drink.
12:00pm -  Lunch.
03:00pm -  Canoeing.
07:00pm -  Dinner.
08:00pm -  Cayman spotting.

» Day 2

05:00am -  Sunrise.
07:00am -  Breakfast.
08:30am -  Return to Manaus with a stop at the Pirarucu Floating Dock.
12:00pm -  Arrive in Manaus: guests may be dropped off at the airport or at any Manaus hotel.


Prices valid for 2017 - Amounts per person

Forest View Bungalow R$ 2.098,00 R$ 1.554,00 R$ 1.321,00
River View Bungalow R$ 2.412,00 R$ 1.787,00 R$ 1.519,00
Panoramic Bungalow R$ 2.774,00 R$ 2.055,00 R$ 1.747,00
Forest View Bungalow R$ 2.308,00 R$ 1.709,00 R$ 1.453,00
River View Bungalow R$ 2.654,00 R$ 1.966,00 R$ 1.671,00
Panoramic Bungalow R$ 3.052,00 R$ 2.261,00 R$ 1.922,00

* Carnival (February 24th to 28th), July, August and New Year's Period (December 22th to January 01st).